Hair loss? Use this natural treatment

Hair is like a crown for us. No doubt that without hair our appearance will not look perfect. Therefore we should treat our hair as well as possible.

For those of you who currently still have beautiful hair and without problems, should avoid some of the things below. Because some of these things can cause our hair to fall out and damage.

Some you should avoid In order not to fall out hair is:

hair loss treatment natural

1. Do not be too long under the hot sun. Because too long under the scorching sun can cause our hair to become dry and branched.

2. Do not overuse the chemicals for our hair. As often do rebonding or vise. Because this can make our hair becomes fragile and stressful.

3. Use the appropriate samphoo with our hair, do not have to be expensive, as long as it suits our hair shampoo cheap price is okay. Expensive shampoo is not a guarantee for our hair to be good.

4. Do not tie the hair too strong. Sometimes we do not realize that we are too torturing our hair with too strong a bond.

5. Hair will be easily broken and brittle when we comb in a state of wetness. So do not comb your hair in a wet state.

But, you dont have to worry. If your hair is falling out and experiencing baldness we will present the natural secrets of hair loss and baldness.

To overcome bald hair and fall out naturally is as follows:

1. Green coconut water, To overcome the loss naturally use green coconut water to shampoo for 2 weeks in a row. For the refurbishment simply use green coconut water a week 2 times.

2. Green Tea. How to brew green tea and in a warm wipe through the head, Wait a few moments until cool. Then rinse your hair. Green tea has anti-oxidant properties that can nourish hair.

3. Uring aring. Urang aring very quickly to make hair black and bushy. But now it's a bit hard to get it. But it is not impossible to get it if you really want to look healthy hair.

4. Aloe Vera, Aloe vera is great for making beautiful hair and bushy. Use aloe vera every day to make your hair healthy without experiencing hair loss.

hair loss treatment natural

That's the secret to your hair healthy treatment natural and not fall out.

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